Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Look Ma! I made gravy!

So I don't think that me and this whole blogging world are working out quite right, because I can never remember to blog between school, homework, family, friends, and the 500 weddings, baby showers, and wedding showers we're invited to. Does this constant go, go, going ever end?

I feel like I just turned 21 yesterday, but in fact I turn 24 in a few months... What happened to the last few years? I had a plan at one point to have babiesby 24, I don't exactly have that desire right now, but I feel like time is passing me by faster than I can look up the date!

Cody started his new job, he likes it. I like it. However, I feel like we say, hello. goodbye. And thats the extent of our conversation on most days. I'm not a fan. I'm a talker. I'm good at it. I don't feel like being a newlywed should feel like this. Maybe in time we will get used to our new schedule and I will feel better about it.

School is going to kick my ass this semester... so many papers. I feel so done with school already and the semester has just started!

On a lighter note. I attempted to make a semi-difficult dinner last night. Maybe not difficult to well seasoned moms difficult, but I'd say for someone whos only good at making spaghetti, it was pretty dang tough! So we made Chicken fried steak, creamed potatoes (or mashed, whats the difference really), and green beans!
I'm no Paula Deen, but it was pretty fantastic if I do say so myself. Got off to a pretty scary start (I burned the shit outta the first one =-/...) but the second and third steak were a nice golden brown! Yum! ... Oh and did I mention my first successful attempt at gravy! I've always been afraid of gravy, never even wanted to help my mom... its like a science! So I basically got my handy dandy Pioneer Woman cookbook, and followed her every instruction! Thanks pioneer woman! So this is what it looked like...
Not amazing by any means, but I am tooting my own horn on this one! It was edible, which meant the world to me! Well thats all I got for now ladies and gents!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So much to do... So little time...


School is back in session... yippee skipee... if only I was excited. Except for there is light at the end of the tunnel now. However my tunnel should have been ending this December... Thanks UNT counselor... At least I will be done by May and on my way into the Corporate world... hopefully at least.

Cody has started a new J-O-B at Peterbilt! I think he is pretty excited, except when I asks he just says "It's alright" but if one of his friends calls in the am (our only time to chat over breakfast) he will spill his last days work play by play for them! I haven’t decided if I will like or dislike his new schedule, but I think ultimately it will be good for us!

I've started being really artsy fartsy and painting anything and everything someone asks me too. I really like it, but I love seeing the finished project. I am really bad at patience, and find myself trying to hurry and get it done so I can see the final outcome... then I  hurry too much and have to sand off all my work and start over... it’s a bitch of a process.... it obviously angers me thinking about it.

Cody Dean and I just ordered new furniture for our living room since we just put in new floors. My mom and dad came over for a week straight and helped Cody cut and place every turn, straight, and corner, and saw piece after piece of board. They did an amazing job, it looks so good! Pictures of the final product to come soon!

Oh one last thing... I somehow got suckered into starting to work at the Grotto again on Friday nights... so If you peeps need a brewski, you should stop on by... I need to start bringing in some dough, cheddar, cheese, dinero, moola, etc. When I go into any store they should put orange cones around me, because it is dangerous. For some reason if something is on sale, I feel like I need it! And If it’s a really good deal, I feel like I just got away with something scandalous... it’s like a drug for me.. Weird... yes.... crazy? a little.... but I love it! So come visit me at work! =)

Until Next Time...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's August? You Sure?

Wow! This summer has flown by! I feel like I just finished last semester, and here I am almost done with the second part of summer school! Im finally getting my last two foreign language credits out of the way! Por Dios! (For Heaven's Sake... thanks clase de espanol!) It really bugs me that in spanish there is not really uppercase letters for anything except beginning sentences, but they also capitolize the use of the word God, which makes me happy, which cancels out me getting mad about the other!

So right now we are in the middle of getting new floors put in, which I am super pumped about...
The downside is we sold all of our living room furniture without getting new yet, so im thinking we are going to have to invest in some bean bags for a little bit! Hopefully we find some furniture we can both agree on soon! Or else it camp city in the living room for a while! The floors are looking really nice, I'm loving the way it makes the room look already!

I've been on Pinterest a lot lately... it has taken over my body, and gives me way too many ideas. So much it can't be healthy. So I've been on a project rampage! I love projects... Cody Dean does not love my projects. Well guess what buddy?... you married me! you are stuck with me and all my hot glue, paint, glitter, scissors, ribbon, and whatever else I can get my glue sticky hands on! I just finished this cute sign I made for an anniversary party... its western themed...

What do you think peeps?? Well I guess I should go help with the floor, I hear my dad and Cody saying odd things in there... I will try to get better at updating, so much is going on!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Short and Sweet...

So... As my last posts states I eat, breathe, and sleep baby names... well maybe not just baby names but I like names in general. I understand that this is an odd thing to be obsessed with, and I have come to terms with that, this coming from the girl who is fascinated with homeless people (it just baffles me... homeless people, not names... maybe... both).

Anyway... I frequent a baby name site, not weird at all....and all these women think that spelling a name in some crazy form or fashion makes it unique (or should I say youneek?)! It drives me CRAZY, and then there are women, whom I am convinced that they just slap letters together to make some jumble of craziness, and name their child that. For example... "Well let’s see, I like butter so there’s a B, and my name is Alice, so theres an A and my maiden name is Smith, so let’s name our child Basmith", I'm not kidding... they do this. And then there are the McKenzies.... I think it’s possible that there are 214 ways to spell McKenzie. I'm not exactly sure of the correct spelling, however I'm almost positive that MacKennzee, is pronounced the same exact way as McKenzie.

Am I the only one who thinks that just spelling a name all kinds of cray cray for the sake of it being "different" is just strange, and maybe a little mean to children? I mean ultimately you are pronouncing it the same way, so why make it harder to learn to spell in Kindergarten? Oh... and I do realize that obsessing over baby names without being pregnant, or even planning to be pregnant soon, is a little cray cray, but that is beside the point! I'm not a planner but you can bet your hiney that my child will have a nice, well thought out, "normal" name!

I have a few names saved in my mind (who are we kidding, I have them written down in my baby name notebook) that I hope don;t drive people crazy when I have babies... or make them think I was on crack while thinking of names! Well... there is my short rant for the day!

Until Next Time... and Ashley, this post is a bonus; I have another saved up for tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Random thoughts...

  1. God could not have chosen a more perfect man to put in my life.
  2. I think of baby names everyday! I have a whole list of names on my Notepad, hidden on my phone. I literally add a new one atleast twice a week!
  3. I hate Kraft singles cheese, but thats all I will eat on a grilled cheese.
  4. I will NOT eat chicken off the bone. Or Turkey. Or Beef. Or Pork. Nothing. Off. The. Bone. However, if it is picked off the bone without my knowledge I will.
  5. I absolutely hate text that say "K". This is a waste of my time, and makes me overwhelmingly crazy!
  6. I once loved Chicken Express Sweet Tea with a passion. I now hate it with a passion.
  7. Sitting in one place for too long gives me major anxiety.
  8. I have the strangest infatuation with homeless people. I can't even begin to explain. It is what it is.
  9. My dad always told me you would be able to count on one hand who your true friends are and who you can trust over a lifetime... so far thats true.
  10. I have read all of the Twilights and Harry Potters AND  I will see the last movies this year. Dont. Judge.
  11. Shoes can fix any problem. Atleast for an hour. Maybe two.
  12. I drink beer. Not vodka. Not Rum. Not Tequila... Just Beer Please!
  13. Sometimes a whole day in bed is just what the doctor ordered.
  14. Sneezing is my least favorite activity in the whole world.
  15. Weinie dogs should be the only breed of dog ever aloud on Earth. Ever.
  16. Sometimes I could strangle Cody Dean! Sometimes I could his face until my lips fell off!
  17. I'm the most forgiving person I know. Sometimes I think it blinds people's true character.
  18. I'm hard headed and stubborn, I'm always right, and if I'm not I won't admit I was wrong, only that you were stupid and were'nt thinking on the same level as me... This way of thinking last for a whole day before I realize what an ass I am sometimes!
  19. Sometimes I feel like I am never going to graduate, then Cody Dean reminds me that I BETTER!
  20. I always call Cody, Cody Dean. Atleast eighty percent of the time.
  21. I am the hardest on the people that I love. I wish I wasn't.
  22. I am really weird and random, and think of the most outlandish ideas. I like to think of it as innovative and special!
  23. I overplan and overbook myself every week. I forget things a lot, and have terrible time management skills. I still think I'm pretty cool!
  24. I'd say atleast five times a week I tell Cody that I know I told him something because I really believe I did but honestly it is possible that I just said it to myself in my head. I only said POSSIBLE!
  25. Warm, clean sheets or towels are God's gift to man. They are my favorite.
  26. I sing so loud in my car, even though I know it sounds terrible, it makes a good day, great!
  27. I can never have a better friend than my mom. The. End.
  28. I worry about dying and getting old a lot.
  29. One of my biggest fears is being unable to get pregnant.
  30. Every song I hear reminds me of someone. Good or Bad. Some take me to great places and some take me somewhere dark.
  31. Generally speaking, I am the loudest person in the room at any given moment.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is June over already?

Oh Spanish... Why do I loathe thee? I should be doing Spanish homework. No. Thank. You.

I am such a procrastinator about EVERYTHING! Why is that? I have been working on this Tech stool for literally weeks and am still not done... I think I am so ADD that I just get bored so easily and have to move on to the next thing. There are so many great/creative ideas and thoughts going on in this little head of mine that I feel like if I dont pick up and leave my current project to start the next I will forget about it, and then it will never get started. What is worse is that I have 54,865 started projects and finish like 50% of them!

Thank you cards from one of my showers and wedding, are sitting on my desk in front of me... ALL written and complete, just not addressed or stamped... this is one example... This very blog is an example of me starting something without finishing something else. This idea came to me when I was supposed to be cleaning the bedroom... guess what? The bedroom never got finished.

Lately I have just been keeping myself busy to not feel alone. Cody has been at work literally everyday all day. Its exhausting... I didn't picture marriage this way. But... Tonight we watched one of "our shows" together thats been on DVR for 2 weeks now, and we went to have dinner together... We tried to go to Olive Garden but it was a 35 minute wait at 6:00 for 2 people... even the bar was full.... who sits at a bar to eat? So we opted for a more healthy choice... but not without leaving with this little gem of a purchase...

Oh Yea! So after we purchased the most delicious salad dressing in the world we went to Jason's Deli, where I asked Cody if I could take it in and use it and he replied "Absolutely not!"... I had ranch instead. He doesn't get my humor entirely... and alwasy ask why I am so loud?

While we were there, there was a pregnant woman about to pop! I asked Cody what he was going to do when I was that pregnant one day... here's our convo...

Me: Will you think my pregnant belly is cool?
Cody: I dunno?
Me: Well I will think it is so cool.
Cody: Stop staring at her belly! Yea your belly might be cool.
Me: Im not staring Im just looking at it!
Cody: Thats staring!
Me: Look at her poor back, its curved because her belly is so big... are you going to talk to my belly!?
Cody: Emily, I dont know just please quit staring, why do you always stare?
Me: (Completely ignoring him) Well I will definitely talk to the belly!

I don't know how he puts up with me! I am so happy we got to spend tonight together, even if it is just The Challenge and Jason's Deli! I wouldnt take it any other way! It gets hard him never being home and then wanting to go to bed right when he gets home, but I love him none the less! He is the greatest man I know... besides my daddy!

Well... Until Next Time!